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project  Rinus Van de Velde

The new art cooperative Copper & Light was in need of some visuals to put their brand on the map. On a beautiful September morning in 2021, we were invited to hang out with Rinus Van de Velde.

We interviewed Rinus about what it's like being a young artist now and before, and his opinion on new initiatives that support young artists.

We edited the interview into a photo & video campaign.

We created Photo & Video visuals as social media content.
45 second promo video
On a beautifully sunny morning we got to hang out with Rinus at his workshop in Antwerp. In a couple of hours we did a photoshoot and a video interview. The full interview with Rinus was 40 minutes long and edited into a 45s promo video and short clips for social media.  
Everything was recorded on location 
1/2 day of recording
1 person photo / video crew
Interview + photos
Total budget: € 7500
We also created short videos for social media stories.
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