I have always had a passion for photography, film & video and the power of the visual element. I believe that a good photograph is an expression of how we perceive the subject in the world surrounding it.

I am continuously working on ways to explore that view, creating photographs & video's that capture something else - something less tangible but more beautiful - beyond what we actually see.

I first graduated as Director of Photography at RITS filmschool 

Brussels (now LUCA Brussels). This is where I picked up most of my storytelling background through workshops, internships and masterclasses with Belgians finest film & television makers.

Passionate about visual arts, I continued my studies at Sint Lukas Brussels Photography department.
During and after these studies I worked as an photo assistant for Wim Van de Genachte, Regine Mahaux, Alfredo Piola,  Bart Heynen and Kris Van Beek. This showed me a very different way of storytelling. 

Today I work independently with many notable publications and advertising agencies. You can spot my work in Nina, Menzo, DM magazine, HUMO, Nieuwsblad magazine, P magazine and more.